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Kitsilano Condos - Let's Break it Down!

Ready to educate yourself on Kitsilano condos and the Kitsilano real estate market?  Perhaps you are looking to purchase a Kits condo and currently live in Vancouver.  You might be moving from another town or city and know that Kitsilano is your next neighborhood.  Even if you are a long time Kits resident who wants to get top dollar for the sale of your property it pays to be informed on what is currently taking place in the Kitsilano Condo market.  It doesn't matter if you are buying, selling, or renting what is important is that you educate yourself and feel confident in your new home selection.

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We believe that our website, Kitsilano Condo, can give you the information you need in an easy to digest manner.  What information do you need?  Well for starters let's break down the real estate market stats so that you understand what Kitsilano condos are selling for in 2010. 

Most Kitsilano condos were built between 1994 and 1997, which may surprise some current residents.  Kitsilano condos are generally no more than 10 stories tall and look and feel “west coast” in their architecture. You'll find the majority of Kitsilano condos come with two bedrooms and two baths (another surprise for many people).  

So now we know that you'll most likely find two bedroom, two bath condos built around 1995 in Kits.  What can you expect to pay one of these?  Kitsilano condos average $789,000 in price as of 2010 according to Sutton Real Estate figures.  So what kind of living space to you get for this price?  You will probably get at least 1000 square feet of real estate that you can call home.  While this is the average there you should know that the minimum price for a Kits condo is $275,000.  So how many condos are actually available in the Kitsilano real estate market.  As of July 15, 2010 there were 148 Kitsilano condos active listings.  This means that buyers do have choices when purchasing a new home.   

For the non-Vancouverite, Kitsilano may seem like an expensive place to live.  In comparison to other parts of Canada this is correct.  So are the lofty prices worth it?  Well it's really boils down to priorities.  Kitsilano condos offer some amazing views of the North Shore mountains and most are very close (walking distance) to Kits beach.  What's so great about Kits beach?  We think it has something to do with the number of bikinis you find here in the summer?  We hope you enjoyed our breakdown on real estate stats in Kitsilano and invite you to check our Blog for a more technical look into what drives this market.

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