Kitsilano Condo

Leaky condo’s in Kitsilano to be hit hard by HST

With the implementation of the HST in BC next month the situation condo owner’s in leaky or potentially leaky buildings find themselves in will be even more difficult.

This is due to the fact that the HST will apply to all goods and services involved in leaky construction, including labour, which was not covered by the PST.

Previously buildings undergoing envelope repairs could apply for PST rebate once the work was completed saving thousands of dollars.  As of June 30th this program will be terminated and HST enacted. 

A study put together two years ago by consultants McClanaghan & Associates estimated that approximately 44 to 55 percent of the 160,000 condominiums built in BC during 1992 -1999 experienced “premature envelope failure”.

The report when on further and estimated that between 45 and 68 percent of the leaky units had not yet been repaired; and that by 2010 up to a third of them would need to be repaired.

Due diligence by the homebuyer, working with a Realtor experienced in the area, and using a licensed home inspector are the best ways to avoid purchasing in a building that may experience envelope failure.